About Azylapps

AzylApps Technologies is an international software development and consulting firm recognized to provide solutions to meet the daily business needs.

We have an unusually wide and deep range of expertise. Our work involves the creation of standard business systems, using Microsoft .NET and SQL Server. But our depth of expertise means we also get asked to take on more technical projects.


Our vision is to be the preeminent and preferred leader in software development.


Our mission is to provide industry the best products, services and tools that enable our clients to achieve their goals without worrying about the technology and focussing on their primary business.We are focused on creating long-term relationships built on mutual growth, flexibility, safety and prosperity among our employees.We invest in innovation and knowledge development in our practice areas.


Our success relies heavily on the unique skills that we employ every day, which are a synthesis of our collectively accrued knowledge of construction processes, project management methods, and the nuances of the markets in which we operate. The value of this knowledge is immeasurable, and much of it resides intrinsically within our employees. Therefore, we are ever committed to creating opportunities for cultivating and sharing knowledge amongst all individuals within our organization.


Our knowledge of and experience in IT industry allow us to design the architecture in a way by using cloud computing and other methods to minimize the trouble of maintaining hardware in-house by the clients. This kind of approach helps keep the corporate environment clean and healthy.