Screenplex is a widely deployed software application, designed by AzylApps that brings anytime anywhere management, decision making intelligence and scalability to grow your cinema operation. Catering to customers from single screens to large cross geographical multiplex chains, screenplex simplifies your cinema operations by bringing right level of visibility and control in the hands of management and (replace with: other key players in operation on the ground) for effective management.

What's more, Screenplex is cloud based and specifically designed to cater to the needs of various stakeholders involved in managing day to day operations of the cinema. Screenplex requires only internet to run the application, dramatically reducing the cost and complexity of deployed IT infrastructure.

ScreenPlex is a combination of software and strategy. It empowers daily cinemas and multiplex operations due to its

User friendly design | Hassle free installation | Cost Effectiveness | Anytime accessibility | Useful reports for analytics | Website Content Gateway .

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