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Windows Application

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Azylapps has been developing software for Windows for over 2 years, and has worked on every major version of Windows from Windows 3.1 to Windows 8.

We have an unusually wide and deep range of expertise. About 50% of our work involves the creation of standard business systems, using Microsoft .NET and SQL Server. But our depth of expertise means we also get asked to take on more technical projects.

Developing applications on Windows means, above all, being adaptable: the set of tools and technologies provided by Microsoft continually evolves, and in response to this, and other technologies, so does Azylapps.

We have extensive experience of evaluating and selecting the best components for our customers' projects.

If you have a project or idea which is unusual or technically challenging, just give us a call and we can provide instant advice on how to solve it.

Web application

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Custom Web Application Development is one of the core services at Azylapps, and also the most significant considering the challenges that come with client’s business requirement and our commitment to create cost-effective custom application solutions. Our cutting-edge technology solutions for custom application development, enterprise software application development, web portal development, software as a service (SaaS) development, social media application development, and ecommerce development help enterprises generate the maximum return on their technology investments.

Azylapps has all the skills required to deliver your online system:

  • We have strong expertise with Microsoft IIS and ASP.NET – the leading Microsoft Platform for website delivery.
  • We are experts in MS SQL Server, used at the server side to manage the database.
  • We also have strong expertise in JavaScript and AJAX – technologies necessary to deliver the interactivity required by website users.

Cloud Application development

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Cloud applications offer significant advantages to software provider as well as customers. Multi-tenant approach replaces expensive licensing fees with the monthly pay-as-you-go subscription models which make apps affordable. Cloud solutions make team collaboration and data sharing easy. The single hosting environment saves a lot in hardware infrastructure setup and maintenance costs lowering total cost of ownership. Product updates doesn’t require lengthy release cycles which saves efforts on the provider’s side as well as reduces updated cycles for end-users.

In recent years, most software providers rely on cloud based multi-tenant Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) / Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) applications. We are a leading cloud application development company. Our expertise include building custom SaaS applications from initial design thru deployment. With our expertise on all leading web and mobile technology platforms, we are a one-stop-solution provider for custom cloud solutions.

Our proprietary SaaS framework will give jump start to your project and help you lower your overall investment – that’s a true advantage!

Product Development

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Azylapps's product development service gives clients the benefit of 'on-demand' technical expertise to help them build products they can market and distribute themselves.

We can offer a wealth of experience in the design and development of standalone or shrink wrap applications and online products – and we can combine online and offline technologies to deliver the best of both worlds.

Creating software programs that will be installed and used by thousands - or millions - of people brings special requirements:

  • The product often needs to be designed to work on multiple versions of Windows sometimes it must work on Linux and Mac too.
  • Security is a big consideration – most major companies now impose strict rules on how software can be installed, and the software installation program must work reliably in all cases.
  • Upgrades and updates must be planned for – the program may need a special “check for updates” function.
  • Testing of the software demands a lot of attention to ensure reliability.
  • Often, the company behind the product needs to consider how to charge their end customers. Frequently, an online store and invoicing system is required.
  • Copy protection should be considered.

Most general software development companies have little experience of these issues. Most will have the skills to write the core application – but without the experience of actually releasing a mass-market application, the issues above are likely to be overlooked.

Blueberry has a unique expertise in this area: not only have we created many separate applications for customers, we also have our own product, ScreenPlex, which is a cloud based cinema management application. It is being used in India as well as abroad.

Whether your software product is only at the concept stage, or you have a fully documented specification, you can be confident that with Blueberry you'll be in safe hands.

Technical Consulting

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We provide technical consultancy services to help you make those decisions based on informed, well-focused technical analysis. Do you want to break into a new market, or improve your profitability by installing new information systems? You may already have taken outside advice, but we can assess the technical feasibility of your plans and provide an extra, independent analysis of the associated business risks.

We have IT consultants with a wide range of expertise and experience. If you have a problem with your existing information systems, we'll help you solve it. If you have a software project that's progressing too slowly, our consultants will analyze it impartially and help you get it back on track.

Azylapps's IT consultants listen carefully to their clients so that they understand not only the technical issues but also their business context. Their advice is detailed and precise, but always made clear. remaining essentially unchanged.

Mobile Application development

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Today’s mobile platforms are far more robust in terms of capabilities and performance. From initial UI / UX design thru launch in the app store, our mobile application development team works closely with you in building custom mobile solutions.

We have proficient app developers who work efficiently to meet the customer requirements.

Whether you're looking to develop a phone or tablet app for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry, or a responsive website which works seamlessly across all devices, we'd love to help. It costs nothing to pick up the phone and talk to us.

Database Systems

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Modern businesses rely on database systems to store information and make it accessible to the right people throughout the organization.

Database systems provide organizations with a central repository of information that can be easily searched or used to generate reports. There are a huge number of technologies used to implement database systems – from Access to server-based systems like SQL Server and Oracle.

Azylapps has all the skills required to deliver a new database system for your organization:

  • We can create a custom Windows Application to deliver the forms and reports you need directly on your PCs
  • Or we can create a Web-based Application, so that the forms and reports are delivered via your Internet Browser, and are accessible to any group or user you choose.

We're always here for your questions, queries and to discuss your requirements. Get in touch... see what we can do for you